About us



We are all faced by social barriers that prevent us from reaching our full potential. Before Satifs was founded, Ismail’s barrier was in the form of paying university tuition fees, alongside the thousands of other students in the UK. Whilst this is a significant issue, there is a lack of entrepreneurship and ambition amongst young people which defines a greater underlying problem.

Since then, Satifs has evolved into an engine which drives social change amongst young people, encouraging entrepreneurship, discussion and meaningful education.




We’re committed to bringing out the best in our talented youth by providing courses and events around contemporary topics addressing social, ethical and religious issues. Our vision is to equip young people with the broad set of skills to navigate themselves successfully through modern society.

In order to bring about this change, Satifs channels its efforts into financial and non-financial assistance to potential change makers and entrepreneurs. We’ve already lent out thousands of pounds in interest-free loans to students paying tuition fees, but we’re also interested in providing practical advice to young entrepreneurs starting their own businesses.




Arabic is one of the most spoken languages in the world with over 250 million speakers and has generated interest for both economic and religious reasons. Our work facilitates the Islamic development of Muslims through the Arabic Language – one of our longest standing projects.
Through Arabic Grammar, Quranic Arabic and Tajweed, we have worked with hundreds of students in order to help them achieve a greater understanding of the Qur’an. We are also working on a constantly growing database of resources that are useful for Arabic students of all abilities. By structuring the many resources onto one main website, we hope to make students aware of what is already available.


As an organisation, we hope to develop young people through our Careers & Finance Programmes. Our flagship seminar, How I beat the 9k, is led by students who explain how they managed to avoid taking a loan to pay their way through university.

The concept of sharing experiences remains at the heart of our ethos at Satifs and we hope to expand this in our upcoming project How I got an Internship. University students will be given a platform to share the story of how they managed to achieve a summer internship. Although there are many resources currently available from corporations, we hope to share these experiences in order to prepare students further.



We want to give people the power to shape perception. By providing a platform for ideas, discussion and stories, Satifs aims to provide an audience to unheard experiences around the world. The strength of social media is growing exponentially at the expense of major news outlets, and Satifs hopes to catalyse that process by allowing people from all backgrounds to write their story. Satifs Articles was born from this dream and will be launching soon. 


A-level Intensives

A-levels act as a platform for most students in the UK to access University. At Satifs, we have come to realise that much of the syllabus can be taught to a high standard in a short space of time. For this reason, we have launched our intensive courses which teach half an ‘A’ level in as little as 20 hours. As the institution grows, we hope to expand this to other academic subjects.