A Level Intensives

Education is empowerment. But here’s the twist – we speed things up. We are the first organisation in the world to deliver an entire AS level in just one week. 20 hours.

Teaching is the most important form of leadership.

Students have completed our intensive classes.


Improved by at least 1 grade.

Years of experience with each teacher. Minimum.

We branch out to every individual, teaching in a fun and interactive environment. The course envelops continuous support and feedback for every individual. This focus helps us develop our students academically. Our courses last   10 hours and just two courses cover the same content as an entire AS Level.

At Satifs, we nurture the development of our students. Often, we use these classes to turn students into teachers. This enhances the learning experience for our students which allows them to progress even further, whilst developing key transferable skills such as public speaking, presentation and time management.


The class will focus around the Core Maths AS/A2 units. We will go through the fundamental theory whilst practicing exam style questions.


This class will complete the equivalent of one module in 10 hours whilst making reference to key concepts from AS Economics. Students who complete an entire AS or A2 will received a certificate of completion.


Physics will run across three sessions, covering mechanics, electricity & photons and waves topics independently, covering AS level material for most exam boards.