3 weeks. 60 hours. Understand Qur’an.

What is the Qur’an Immersion?

This course is an intensive program which will equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills required to appreciate Qur’anic literature, whilst applying what you learn in to your everyday Arabic. Whilst journeying through the Qur’an, students will grasp its linguistic miracles by thoroughly analysing vocabulary, understanding the literary meanings and identifying rhetorical tools.

The building blocks to understand the Qur’an.

Part of our mission is to make the Qur’an more accessible to students and professionals. Understandably, the thought of having to learn anything related to grammar may be daunting for some, but each component of Arabic Grammar that students learn will come with direct application in the Qur’an. Through this segment, students will gain a completely new understanding and appreciation of the Qur’an, including the significance of word order and word choice. Despite some verses seeming very similar, there is a key difference conveyed in the meaning which only a student of Arabic will be able to appreciate. Not only do you delve into this complex language which requires logic and thought, you will also understand the literary magnificence of the Qur’an.

Perfecting every letter.

Tajweed is the understanding of how to recite the Qur’an. It is crucial to pronounce letters properly, as a slight change could distort the meaning of the verse. This course will teach you a the fundamental points of articulation, phonetics and the basic rules in order to enhance your recitation. We will be studying a particular passage of the Qur’an that students will be able to recite correctly by the end of the course, and apply their learnings to other ayat of the Qur’an.

To ensure maximum progress, class sizes have been deliberately kept to a minimum. A qualified teacher will be at your assistance ensuring you receive specific and constructive feedback.

The power of stories.

One of our greatest accomplishments as Muslims has been emphasising the recite of Qur’an, but our understanding of its meaning has been lacking for years. Many Muslims have relied on translations in order to appreciate the Qur’an but there is still much left to discover.

Through this class, students will grasp the many gems in the Qur’an and will begin to appreciate the deeper intricacies that are otherwise hidden. The intention for this part of the course is to ignite a spark for the Quran. We hope that students will use this as a platform to further their Arabic studies. By the end of the class, students will be able to understand a segment from the Qur’an through listening. They will also begin to grasp the vocabulary of the Qur’an which they can apply throughout the book of Allah.


I've never done Arabic before, can I still do the course?

Yes. Our only requirement is that students can recognise letters in Arabic. Other than that, everything will be taught from the beginning.

When is the course exactly?

There are two programmes running. The first will be from June 1st-19th. The second course will be from July 27th-August 15th. Both courses will run 4 weekdays per week between 10am-3pm.

How much does it cost?

If you sign up with two friends, it will be £150 each. That works out to be £2.50 per hour, per student. You’ll have to hurry though because this offer expires soon.

Is this course only for brothers?

No. Education is a right for everyone. Simple.

I've done an Arabic Intensive with Satifs before, is this the same?

The previous Satifs intensive for Arabic focussed primarily on Arabic grammar. This course will include the same grammar but it will also place greater emphasis on application to Qur’an. By the end of this course, students  will be able to grammatically deconstruct the Qur’an. This is amazing because it is essentially the framework of God’s book.

The stories segment for this course will be refreshingly different. Not only will students apply the grammar they learn fully, they will also grasp more Qur’anic vocabulary than any of our previous courses.

To make it a little easier, assume that your previous intensive is about 1/3 of this course.

What kind of books were used to develop the course?

A lot of the content from this course has been shaped by teachers from both the UK and Egypt. There are still a few books that we use to make this programme a success. Although this is not an exhaustive list, these sources are particularly useful:

  1. Al-Tasheel li-Uloomil Tafsir by ibn Juzayy
  2. The works of Shaykh Faadhil Saalih al-Samuraii
  3. The works of Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan
  4. Al-Kashaf by Zamakhshari
  5. Tasheelul Nahw
  6. Hidayah al-Nahw
  7. Tafsir Mawdhoo’ee
  8. Al-Itqaan fee Uloomil Qur’an by Imam Suyooti
  9. al-I’raab al-Mufassal

Some of you may find this useful because you may wish to know the references of what you are learning. Perhaps one day you can use these and more to teach others!

I still have questions, who should I ask?

Just drop us an email by clicking contact on the navigation bar. We’ll make sure to respond quickly.

Why is it called immersion?

You will get the opportunity to immerse yourself by studying simple stories in Arabic which you will learn to translate within the relevant context. This will then reinforce the retention of the vocabulary and grammar you have learnt, and allow you to learn the different ways of applying and using them.

As well as translating and understanding Arabic texts, you will also watch cartoons in Arabic. Thus, not only will you improve your analytical skills of deciphering grammar from written texts, you will also develop your understanding and listening skills- a key skill for language acquisition. Furthermore, it will bring to life the written grammar and texts you have been studying, but more importantly allow you to further enjoy and appreciate the Arabic language.